Friday, March 9, 2012

St. Patrick's and The Lorax

Just a couple of simple activities I wanted to share, because the results were so precious...

I had the children trace a shamrock on green paper and write a sentence about why they are lucky. I say this a lot, but seriously, I melted.

....because I get to snuggle with mom

...because I have friends/...because I have God

....because my Dad protects me

...because I have my Miss Brown (biiiig smile from me)!

Moving on to our Lorax art!

For these paintings, we looked at a page from the book and taked about the landscape. Then, we used oil pastels to make the truffula tree trunks, stripes on the trunks and tree tops. Then, students used liquid water color to paint the sky, ground, and lake.

To make the little truffula trees, students cut out a trunk from construction paper and again used oil pastels. They then cut out a circle and glued it to the trunk. They chose one color of feathers to create the tops of the truffula trees.

This is the adorable way the kinder teacher next door to me put together her Lorax bulletin board using the truffula trees described above. Isn't it the cutest thing you've ever seen!?