Sunday, March 11, 2012

We love mice!

We just adore mice in our classroom! This passion is ignited by our darling class pet, Taffy. Here she is getting her daily exercise:

Because my children are interested in mice, I like to take opportunities to do mousey stuff. Last week we did a mini author study, and it was the perfect opportunity to incorporate mice and one of my favorite children's book authors, Leo Lionni.

His lovely, poetic story Frederick, lent itself to some fun art and math activities. We wrote mice story problems, and you can download the page we used for free here.

colorful mice

Her mice were hungry! 

All of his mice were named and labeled... and there was an elaborate story as to why some got lost. 

How cute would these story problems be with fingerprint mice? 

We also tried our hand at Lionni's torn paper art by creating our own Fredericks. 

The kiddos tore the paper for everything except the ears, tail and legs, because after we carefully examined Lionni's illustrations, that is what the children determined was his method! 

Our poem for the week was about mice. Here is a free activity sheet you can use to go along with it if you'd like! 

We just love our pet Taffy! Do you have a class pet? 

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