Saturday, February 4, 2012

Valentine freebie for your help!

I recently learned that I am moving from Kinder to 1st next year! I am so excited, but I have a lot of things to take care of for the transition. I was hoping for some help from my bloggy friends.

1. I can't exactly keep a blog name that implies I teach kinder when I move to first. I have been thinking about new names, and wiiiissh I could use Here We Grow - which is the name of my TN shop. HOWEVER, someone took this blog name back in 2005 and hasn't done anything with it. I thought I could just contact them and politely ask for them to relinquish the name, but there is no way to contact them via the blogspot page.

Any ideas on how to find this person? If not, any cute name ideas that match the the flower-theme I have going?

2. Please leave a comment with links to your favorite blogs for 1st grade! I'm ready to get inspired!

3. Anyone have experience with switching blog names? Is it better to create a new blog altogether and upload this one to it... or to switch the URL of this one? I don't want to lose my beloved followers in the process!

Thank you allll sooo much for your help. Here is a freebie in advance as a thank you for your advice!

If you haven't already, go out and buy yourself some cute little heart boxes from dollar section or store. These are from the 99 Cents store.

Fill the boxes with letter tiles that spell sight words or CVC words that your want your kiddos to practice. Have them open a box one at a time, unscramble the letters to spell the word and record the answer on the response sheet. If you get these exact boxes, you can use the sheet I'm using. If not, I included a blank sheet for you to program how you'd like. You could easily just write numbers on the boxes with a sharpie and write the numbers on the sheet to match.

Click here for the blank template!

Click here for the template I'm using

Sorry, someone told me once, but I cannot locate the email explaining how I link an image! I'll figure that out again one of these days. I hope you enjoy!


Tricia said...

I can't help you with any of your questions but I can tell you you will love first grade. If you have a good class and you have the opportunity to loop to first grade with them you should do it. Looping was a great experience for me. At least until the end when I had to let them go.

Sarah said...

I do get to keep about half of my kinder class for first and I'm thrilled!

Edana said...

WOW. Tough choice. Maybe you can email Hadar from Miss Kindergarten for suggestions. She recently moved from Kindergarten to 1st grade. Some of the first grade blogs I follow are:

The First Grade Parade
Inspired Apple
Oceans of Fun First Grade
First Grade Blue Skies
Finally in First
First Grade Delight
First Grade O.W.L.S.
First Grade and Fabulous
Darlin' in First
Farming the First Grade Crop
First Grade Garden
Fun in First Grade

WHEW! And there's more! I probably follow 150- 200 blogs...LOL!!
Color Me Kinder

Tricia said...

Yesterday, I said couldn't help but today I woke up with an idea for a new name for you. How about learning in bloom.
It follows your old name. It is not grade specific so you can teach any grade. And it is available.

Queen with Class

Miss S. said...

Hi there!
I am a new follower AND....
I awarded you the Liebster Award on my blog! come check out all the details...
Miss S
Just Teaching...Kindergarten

Emily Shell said...

1. I'm not sure how you would contact them but what about "Blooming in 1st grade" or something like "Growing in 1st grade" .

2. There are sooo many 1st grade blogs! Seems the younger the kids the more blogs! Love it!

3. You can just change the name and url without creating a new one I believe!

Hope this helps! I'm your newest follower!

Ms. Emily Shell